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Design – Partner with Titan Solutions to create, design, and recommend a cutting edge to design to fit you needs and your budget. Setup a consultation with one of our designs to start creating your custom design. 2D/3D Drawings – Titan Solutions Engineering department uses the most current software technology available and integrates with marketing departments. Titan wants you to visualize your purchase so there are no surprises after the design is built. Please visit our portfolio and review some of our latest 2D/3D Designs. Project Management - Titan Solutions provides a single point of contact that will be responsible for your entire project from start to finish. You will receive a full set of drawings that would need to be approved before the project begins and a sign-off when the project concludes. Titan Solutions will setup a meeting in our showroom to review all material and lighting solutions for your project so you can feel 100% comfortable with the build. If you are not able to come to the showroom or out of state we will send you a material board delivered to any location to obtain approval. Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution that is budget friendly but still meets your requirements. Installation – Titan provides full millwork installation, electrical, and plumbing depending on your project.

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Titan Solutions Millwork is a custom woodworking facility located in Houston, TX. For 20 years Titan Solutions Millwork has been providing custom furniture, kiosk, counters, fixtures, retail displays, cabinets, paneling, trim and miscellaneous millwork to a diverse group of architects, general contractors, and many fortune 500 companies. Primarily for the past 10 years Titan Solutions have been heavily in Retail/Commercial Build-outs and Custom Kiosks in GGP Malls, Simon Malls, and in retail shopping centers across the US.

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